The Cool Way to Get a Cheap Taxi in Malta

Taxi and Cabs Cheaper Alternative - The Cool Way to get a ride in Malta

“The car will be there in 50 minutes” said the sleepy not-so-polite lady on the other end of the line. My heart sank and my friend Lisa, who was listening to the call on speaker, rolled her eyes and said “Maria - just end the call!”. We were going to miss the beginning of the show. 50 minutes waiting time for a €25 ride. At that price I expected a jet-engined limo.

I grew up in Sweden and moved to London to go to business school. When I got my job and took the relocation package, I was excited about the “300 days of sunshine” I was promised - not a thought spared to the cultural shock which soon hit me.

Time works differently in Malta, I suppose it’s a little cultural and little situational. Taxi companies think its ok to leave you waiting for more than 30 minutes! Which is fine if you’re in a small village in the middle of nowhere in the UK, but feels off in such a small country where frankly, I could walk there in less time, if it weren’t so hot.

We could have ordered the cab a week early - admittedly we knew the time of the show and it would have saved so much trouble. But calling a cab company on the phone or booking by email feels like travelling back in time to me - I kept leaving it for later.

So I called my friend Jeff who is a local. A good local - one of those people who know everything about everyone and can get anything done - plus he usually will because he’s a good soul. Jeff said to download the Cool app and we could get a ride in minutes.

I didn’t believe him. But I did it anyway. Went to the app store - downloaded the app. It was free and easy to do, I followed the steps… I think there were 3 or 4 steps and then set-up payment through Revolut, in a couple of seconds. I clicked ‘book a car’ and turns out there were 2 cars close by - all of them could reach us in under 7 minutes. I jumped for joy and fist-pumped the air.

I clicked on the desired time and destination - booked in under a minute and then my phone showed us the way to a pick-up point. We were a bit surprised with this bit, most taxis will pick you up from your location - so we walked around the block to our marked pick up point following directions on the app and sure enough, in 4 minutes flat, our car was there!

The driver said Cool has pick-up points approximately every 200 metres in the areas it services. It just makes it quicker for the driver to pick people up because he doesn’t have to look for an address - smart!

We were overjoyed to make it to the comedy show in time to grab a beer before being seated. We had a side-bending fun evening. Needless to say - we called a Cool-car again to take us home. At €7.45 for 2 passengers, it’s a steal.

We jumped into our shared ride with another 4 people after the show. They had ordered the car too - Cool shares rides between passengers, that’s how they stay so affordable. It was a stroke of luck for us - because we also made some new friends. Lisa was even luckier - she will be using a Cool car to get to her first date with Leo this weekend.

If you’re confused about which taxi service to pick - because who has the time and patience to try them all. Try Cool first - it’s the cheapest and quick-est way to get around.

Download the Free app here and give it a try. Your first ride is paid for - you get free credit when you register.

So be Cool like me and Lisa. Get your taxi fix from Cool.