Alternative Taxi Prices In Malta

Cool is the first on-demand ride-pooling service in Malta, giving passengers the unique opportunity to share their ride with fellow travellers heading in the same direction, thus benefiting from a better rate per km than travelling alone.

Cheaper than taxi

However, if complete privacy is your preferred way to travel, fear not, we’ve got you covered too! Starting from as little as €5, Cool’s rates are much cheaper than standard taxi services. While our transport services provides unbeatable prices, our service offering will guarantee maximum comfort and security until you reach your destination.

Best rates per km

Waste no time searching online for taxi fares and cheap taxis around Malta. Our innovative technology is installed in all our comfortable and modern cars to enable our drivers to use the best route that accommodates all booked customers in the best possible way. This guarantees the best rate per km in Malta.

Get from point A to Point B faster

Whether you’re based in Malta and need to get to that all-important work meeting or a career-changing interview, or if you’re here on a leisurely break, Cool has got you covered with the best rates in Malta. While Malta is a relatively small country, connections between the key places to be are not always guaranteed through other means of transport. With Cool we’ve got you covered to any corner of the island, any time of the day and at the best rate per km available.

Cheap rides fares

Taxi prices in Malta can vary disproportionately with time, distance and availability – online fare calculators won’t do the trick. With Cool, you know our prices: starting from as low as €5, so you do not have to go online to calculate a taxi fare or looking for an estimator. Just open our app, input your destination and in short time, you will be picked in comfort and style and taken to your destination.

Everything you need is an app

If you’re using an online fare calculator and estimator to find cheap transport and compare taxi fares and prices, keep in mind that such prices for taxi companies are solely estimates and may vary depending on external factors such as traffic and weather. With Cool, there’s no need for an estimator: what you see is what you get – the price indicated on your app is the price you will pay to get to your destination, and that’s the best rate per km on the island, guaranteed.

Enjoying your night out is even better with Cool. With our app, you don’t need to plan your return time in advance. If you’re having fun or simply want the night to linger on, worry not: Cool has you covered.