Taxi Alternative From Qormi to Airport

Your trip to Malta is coming to an end and we’re sad to see you go. We want to make sure the last mile of your journey among us is comfortable and affordable. There is no better way to finish off your stay in style: Cool offers the best prices and rate per km in town to get from Qormi to Malta’s airport.

Cab's fares from Qormi

Enjoy your last hours on the island without wasting time searching online for cheap taxi fares – we offer the best rate per km on the island to get you to you airport in no team. And don’t worry: while it is always advisable to get to the airport with sometime to spare, our latest technology will help us identify the driver closest to your location in Qormi to take you the airport in the shortest time possible.

5, 6, 7 seater transport

Our innovative and unique ride sharing option gives you the flexibility of choosing from even cheaper fares. Cool offers the cheapest rate per km in Malta for any private transport service. Use our app to check out the 7 seater, 6 seater and 5 seater transfer options to get to the airport from Qormi in no time.

Cheap transport in Malta

Starting from as little as €4.45, Cool’s rates are much cheaper than standard taxi services. While our transport services provides unbeatable prices, our service offering will guarantee maximum comfort and security until you reach your destination. Check our to book your transfers from the comfort of your hotel room or while enjoying your last meal on our shores.

Book a transport from Qormi

Our airport transport service and cheap prices are available 24/7 in Qormi, the airport and all around the island.