Cab From Birgu

Tradition meets elegance and history mixes with luxury in this Southern city lying in the mouth of the Grand Harbour facing the capital citt, Valletta. The sight of this picteresque city is one to behold: imposing fortifications, which for centuries provided safe harbour to the inhabitants of the area, today serve as a backdroup to some of the most luxrious yachts you will ever see.

A history of Birgu

Maltese history owes a lot to the multicultural Order of St John, the Hospitaller Knights who reigned the islands for more than three centuries in the Middle Ages. It was precisely in Birgu where they had settled first – regaling the city with beautiful palaces, churches and military installation, which predate those of the capital.

Dive into authentic atmosphere of city

Despite the commercialisation of the colour waterfront area, you can experience truly authentic Maltese life in Birgu, when walking around the beautiful back streets and losing your way in its narrow alleys and off-the-beaten-track spots. If you’re here on the 31st March or 8th September, you will witness the National Regatta, a traditional boat race that is not only historic, but also guarantees an atmosphere with a great deal of excitement, colour and celebration.

The best places for food lovers

Over the past years, some of the best chefs in Malta have opened lovely restaurants in this area specialising in traditional Maltese and Mediterranean free.

Reach other cities just by walking

Settling in Birgu for your stay in Malta is an ideal choice to discover other gems in the vicinity – indeed, the two other cities forming part of the Cottonera region, Senglea and Cospicua, as well as nearby Kalkara, are all accessible within a short walking distance during which resisting yourself from taking one photo after another will be a challenging feat. If walking is not your cup of tea, a boat trip around the harbour will surely be one of the highlights of your Malta stay.

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