From Birgu to Rabat

Malta’s varied landscape, nimble size and modern road infrastructure give you the flexibility of adapting your travel plans daily. Whether you’re into unrivalled scenery, history museums, boat trips or diving explorations or just feel like relaxing and enjoying some local culinary delights, Malta has it all. And what’s best, all locations are accessible within just half an hour from Birgu. Cool is your ideal partner in this journey with its unbeatable cheap prices and the best rate per km on the island.

Cheap way to get from Birgu to Rabat

Gone are the days of seeking cheap taxi rides or complex public transport connections. Cool’s got all Malta covered and you can easily travel from Birgu to Rabat with a starting price of just €4.45.

First ride-sharing concept in Malta

If you’re travelling alone, you can make new connections with our innovative ride-sharing concept. You’ll get to meet fellow travellers or get to know some locals while actually saving money. Our ride-sharing concept means cheaper fares for your transfer from Birgu to Rabat.

Cab for bigger groups

If your party is larger, we also got you covered with our range of 7 seater, 6 seater and 5 seater vehicles which will add comfort to your cheap trip to Rabat.

Just get our free app

Our easy-to-use app means that you will not have to waste time calling a taxi, or to think about how you’re getting back at the end of your trip – with just a couple of clicks, the nearest driver will soon be picking you in Rabat, taking you back to your accommodation in Birgu using the shortest and most efficient route.

Discover to learn more about our Birgu to Rabat transfer service. Download our app, relax and enjoy your stay in Malta.