Cab From Bugibba

Choosing Bugibba as your destination of choice in Malta means your stay on the island is likely to be full of sun and sea. With its lovely promenade spanning for kilometres, you will be able to enjoy some of the best island views. The sea, whether your preference is rocky or sandy beaches, is always a few minutes away.

Evening with spectacular view

In the evening, a spectacular panorama awaits you as the sun hides away on the small harbour behind the colourfully painted luzzus – the traditional Maltese boats. A bustling coast town by day, in the evening transforms itself into a light entertainment mecca where fancy restaurants mix with traditional British pubs gathering a multicultural, electic crowd from around the island and abroad.

Spend your holiday with your kids

It is also a convenient place to spend time on Malta with your kids, with beaches of all types, a beautiful, modern aquarium featuring sharks, cinema theatres, play areas and much more. It is also the place to hop on a local boat to visit St Paul’s island, where the famous Saint was thought to have shipwrecked, or for some serious watersport fun.

Best cab's rates in Malta

Despite its location to the North of the island, Malta’s size means that in 30 to 40 minutes you can be literally anywhere else. You can enjoy a relaxing stay in Malta with Cool, where you can benefit from the cheapest rates on the island for transport. You can get to and from the airport in just half an hour with the best rate per km on the island, on our comfortable vehicles.

Get form point A to B faster and cheper

Gone are the days where you would worry if your driver is taking some longer route to rack up a few more miles. Our state-of-the-art technology installed in our vehicles will ensure you that you reach your destination in the quickest time possible. You can dedicate your time in Malta to chill and relax, without wasting time searching on the Internet for cheap taxi or cab services. With Cool’s service offering, to book a taxi has never been easier. Just download the Cool app on your Android or Apple smartphone and with two clicks of a button, you will be picked up and taken to your destination with the best, cheap prices for transport in Malta.

Ride sharing services in Malta

Cool means peace of mind – driving in Malta can be a challenge, getting from one town to another means passing through major roads and busy town centres, with no guarantee of finding free parking close to your destination. Cool means saving costs and your taxi fares will be even cheaper with our unique offering, the only one in Malta, of ride sharing and ride pooling.

Take a ride nad perhaps you will get a friend

Sharing your ride with fellow travellers and locals means cheaper rides, convenient service and the opportunity to make new connections during your stay on the island.

To book your ride just download an app

Cool is an on-demand, innovative and inexpensive alternative to taxis, cabs or public transport in Malta. To benefit from even cheaper rides, just book your ride and share it with others heading your way. Starting from as little as €4.45, Cool’s rates are much cheaper than standard taxi service. Check out our services now.