From Luqa to Valletta

Make the best of your stay in Malta. Use your time to discover the gems the country has to offer – whether its breathtaking scenery, cultural and artistic celebrations or culinary delights, let us take you there in no time.

Transport for big group

Avoid wasting time searching online for cheap taxi fares. With Cool, put your mind at rest that your transfer from Luqa to Valletta will be cheaper, comfortable and in the shortest time possible. Our comfortable options will make your group or family transfers smooth with our 7 seater, 6 seater or 5 seater alternatives.

Cheap travel from Luqa to Valletta

Whether it’s a trip to enjoy Valletta’s unique cultural or historical heritage or to spend a nice, relaxing evening in the old capital, Cool provides you with a simple and affordable way to get there from Luqa.

We offer better rates per km

Cool is an on-demand, innovative and inexpensive alternative to taxis, cabs or public transport in and around Luqa. To benefit from even cheaper rides, just book your ride and share it with others heading your way. Starting from as little as €4.45, Cool’s rates are much cheaper than standard taxi service. We use the best available technology in the field to make sure that the nearest driver reaches you in Luqa in no time, driving you to Valletta using the shortest and most efficient route possible.

First ride-pooling in Malta

If you’re short on time but with a packed to-do list on your stay here and in Valletta, Cool provides you with the cheapest alternative for your transfers. To make you ride even cheaper should you be planning to travel more frequently, Cool offers even better prices for its shared rides through its Cool Passes.

Just book a cab and go to Valletta

Simply log on to our user friendly app, 24/7 and one of our dedicated team members will be on the way to Luqa in no time!

Faster transport

Travelling on holiday or for work from Luqa to Valletta should be devoid of stress from traffic, congestion and parking hassles. We take care of that for you.

Enjoy your stay in Malta with Cool.