Transport From Mdina

The old city of Mdina, once Malta’s capital, is one of the world’s best-preserved example of a fortified walled city with an eclectic mix of medieval and baroque architecture. Walking through its narrow, silent streets, or having a coffee on a terrace in the city, you will naturally feel that time in this place has stood still.

The most historical city in Malta

Mdina exudes history in every corner, from the Domus Romana to the catacombs, the Natural History Museum to St Paul’s Cathedral. The latter dominates the city’s skyline, a fantastic masterpiece of Baroque architecture dating back to the Seventeenth Century, featuring beautiful paintings by a number of celebrated artists. Religion has contributed immensly to this heritage with a number of orders establishing convents and monasteries here. Standing on top of one of Malta’s highest hills, it offers unparalleled views on the rest of the island. Situated on the North-Western side of the island, the area is also a great starting point for scenic walks or treks to the nearby countryside locations of Rabat, Dingli and surroundings, some of the stunningly green locations on the island. So much so that Malta’s most renowned running race, the Malta Marathon, starts precisely from outside the City’s Gates.

Easer trips between cities

While Mdina will get your timetable covered for a few days, you will surely wish to discover some of the delights Malta has to offer. Getting from Mdina to anywhere in Malta has never been so easier.

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