Ride From Mellieħa

Mellieħa’s elevated position, surrounded on three sides by the Blue Mediterranean Sea, gives it magnificent views all around.  The village has a lovely character and picturesque scenes that provide you with a view of life in Malta as well as offering you all amenities for a comfortable holiday whichever the season.

Holiday for watersport lovers

It is home to some of Malta’s most-known beaches, particularly Għadira, which is one of the largest stretches of sand in the country and offers all kind of watersports for those who wish to do more than soak in the Maltese sun. This village is the perfect starting spot for travellers who wish to discover the Maltese islands, enjoying what life has to offer while being able to retreat in a quiet accomodation for their evenings.

See the historical side of Malta

Like many Maltese villages, history, colours and traditions abound in this locality. The Icon of Our Lady in the Mellieħa Sanctuary dates some one thousand years and is worth a visit during your stay here. The most striking landmark in the locality is St Agatha’s or as it is commonly known – the Red Tower. This impressive piece of military history dates back to 1649, the brainchild of Grand Master Jean Paul Lascaris Castellar in his efforts to strengthen Malta’s coastal defence system. Besides standing by centuries of history, the site has unparalleled views on large swathes of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Don't miss a special feast

If you’re in Malta around the 8th September, make sure you’re in Mellieħa, when the villagers celebrate their annual feast with a unique way full of colours, fireworks, band marches and beer in abandance.

For visitng Mellieħa one day is not enough

While Mellieħa has a lot to offer, you will need to plan your journey around Malta because the island offers so much more. Top-notch cuisine, artistic and cultural museums, shopping malls, beautiful walking paths, this country has it all. Or perhaps, almost: the island’s limited size makes parking a daily challenge for drivers.

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Ride pooling in Malta

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