Transport From Rabat

Settling in Rabat for your stay in Malta is an attractive consideration if you preference lies in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, getting a hint of traditional Maltese life. While Rabat’s importance is overshadowed by neighbouring medieval Mdina, it is also quite worth exploring in its own right.

Historical places in Rabat

History lovers will have a busy time here with a number of sight-seeing options on the map, such as St. Paul’s Church and Grotto and St Paul’s Catacombs. Also located between Rabat and Imdina is the Domus Romana, a museum housing the ruins of a traditional Roman house. While little remains of the original building remains, this place hosts an impressive collection of mosaics and antiquities, while giving the visitor a taste of life in Roman times.

Don't miss an opportunity to visit an authentic festas!

Despite the town itself featuring a sprawling urban area, it includes withn its borders one of the few woodland areas the country Buskett. The town also organises two big festas – or feasts – annually, dedicated to St Paul and St Joseph respectively. On both occasions, for a week, the town is draped in colour, adorned with lights, statues and decorations as traditional fireworks and band marches spread joy though the streets.

Activities for all your holiday

While Rabat will serve as a great base for your safe, there is much more to do and see around Malta. Whether you’re into unrivalled scenery, history museums, boat trips or diving explorations or just feel like relaxing and enjoying some of Malta’s best restaurants, the country has it all. And what’s best, all locations are accessible within just half an hour from Rabat. Cool is your ideal partner in this journey with its unbeatable cheap prices and the best rate per km on the island.

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