Cab rides From Valletta

Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is an ideal starting point to travel around Malta. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Valletta offers stunning scenery ranging from incredible architecture, harbour views, hidden-away gems to some of the best fine dining the country has to offer.

Get from point A to point B in just a few minutes

But what’s great about it, is also its location – its central position puts it at no more than a short drive to any location on the island. Here’s where Cool ride pooling can make your life easier: with the best prices for transfers from Valletta on the island, you are guaranteed peace of mind in Malta.

Discover the history of Valletta

Valletta is truly a unique experience for every kind of visitor: its impressive bastions and historical fortifications, which have been recently restored to their former glory, are interspersed with modern architecture, the highlight of which is Renzo Piano’s breath-taking Parliament building.

The greatest castles in Malta

Valletta hosts some of Malta’s most impressive buildings, such as the Grand Master’s Palace and the Auberge the Castille – the Prime Minister’s Office. But it’s not just about history. Culture and art enthusiasts will love Malta’s century-old Manoel Theatre as well as the recently inaugurated art museum.

More places where to eat

In the morning, the city is brimming with life as thousands of professionals and employees mingle with tourists and shoppers through the city’s pedestrian areas. By night, Valletta transforms itself into an entertainment hub, with a number of fine dining eateries mixing with quirky little pubs offering different tastes from around the world.

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You can book your ride through the comfort of your smartphone. With our varied options, you will waste no time looking for cheap taxi alternative, as Cool offers the cheapest rate per km in Malta for any private transport service. You can also choose ride sharing and ride pooling to further reduce your transport fares when exploring the island from Valletta.

Cool Passes for Cool Visitors

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Make your holiday comfortable with Cool

It has never been a better time to base your time in Malta from Valletta. The city has received a massive facelift during the past few years as it celebrated the honour of being the European Capital City of Culture in 2018, an event which has left a strong legacy that can be witnessed and enjoyed in comfort and style with Cool.